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How to Deal with Aggressive Yorkies & Maltese

Many mistake a certain type of breed of dogs as being "aggressive."  In some countries and states, certain breeds of dogs like, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and German Sheppards are required to wear a muzzle, when in public.  The fact of the matter is, there is no such type as an aggressive breed.  Many of these breeds are trained and molded into helpful pets for the handicapped, police officers and sometimes children.
The source of the problem lies with the owner.  The owner has not established the hierarchy of the family, family members first and last comes the dog.  Dogs are pack animals.  They must recognize and understand their position in the pack.  Your dog might start with the smaller children to establish dominance.  Teach them that humans always come first and that they must obey.
Another reason for aggression can be that the owners, themselves, encourage their dogs to act out.  Wrestling with them, or allowing them to bark at any outside noise or visitors are all form of encouragement of aggression.
Starting early is the best way, but even older aggressive dogs can be trained and transformed into proper form. So, don't be mis-lead by the term "vicious breed."  There are no such kinds.  It is up to the owners to control their pets.


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