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Automatic Pet Feeders - helping to stop obesity for your Yorkie & Maltese
Pet obesity has become a growing problem in the U.S. in recent study.  As it is with humans, obesity can cause dangerous health issues including liver, heart, kidney disease and well as diabetes and joint and back problems.  People often over-feed their dogs, thinking this is the best way to keep them happy, but instead, it is doing exactly the opposite.
The biggest problem for obesity is over-feeding them.  Most dogs will eat whatever and whenever you feed them because of their instincts.  Dogs are known to be scavengers and believe that the meal you give them will be their last.  Therefore, they will eat whenever they are fed even if they are not hungry.  It is just in their natural instincts.  This is why they need to be fed timely and proportional meals where the automatic feeder will help.
Some dog owners will turn to other forms of methods such as specialty meals or even pills, however, this is an expensive procedure and eventually, they will look for other alternatives.  Most come to realize that the automatic feeder will do the same trick.  The automatic feeder will dispense exact portions of meals at the exact programmed times.  Also, be sure that your dog gets plenty of exercise.  These two things will prevent your dog from obesity.
The price for automatic feeders can range from $40 to $200 depending on the feeder you're looking for.  The most important thing to look for is if the feeder has an electronic timer that will provide the exact amount of food at the exact time of day.  The point is that your dog will be fed at the exact same time with the exact portion, no matter how busy your schedule is.  Some will dispense 5 meals others 6 meals and even 8 meals.  With the 8 meals, you can program it to feed maybe twice a day for a 4 day span, which is very useful for someone with a full schedule.
The automatic feeder not only fights obesity, but also is very helpful when running late, or when you go on a long trip.  It is also good to have an actual person check up on your dog from time to time during a long vacation.
Obesity of dogs is an emerging problem.  And for you to deal with it, you must find ways to give them the right portion and timely meals along with lots of exercise.  The automatic feeder is a very inexpensive way to prevent your dog from obesity.


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