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Anyone looking for a Teacup Yorkie or Maltese puppy, please read.
There is no such breed as Teacups, Micro, Mini, Teenies or any other terms labeled as being "small."  These are just cute little wordings sales people use to lure people in to purchasing a puppy. The regular sizes for a Yorkie and Maltese are from 4-7lbs, which are already a small size on its own.  If you're looking for sizes smaller than 4lbs, you must weigh in the consequences of health issues as well as longevity.  Occasionally, there could be a smaller size, but a reputable breeder would not think to breed just for smaller sizes.  They would want to breed healthier sizes, in between 4-7lbs, to create a healthy litter.  It's just too risky and non-ethical to breed anything smaller than that.
Yorkies and Maltese less than 4lbs can be more prone to health issues, either hereditary or non-hereditary.  Problems such as heart and organ failures and birth defects are much more common in smaller, un-natural puppies.  These defects are sometimes not detected until later in age, which makes it harder to treat and cure.
Your first priority, when searching for a Yorkie or Maltese, is not the size, but the health of the puppy with natural Yorkie and Maltese traits.  If you still insist on finding a smaller puppy, find a reputable person, who actually cares and understands the health and well being of these adorable breeds.


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