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Lost Your Yorkie or Maltese – few tips on how to find them

How many people consider their dogs as being part of the family?  Almost all dog owners will certainly answer yes and would agree 100% to this statement.  Some may even spend more time with their dogs than any other members of their family.  This is why one is devastated when they lose their dogs.
There are so many reports and stories of dogs being lost, stolen or escaping from their homes and can't find their way back.  First of all, it is important to secure the house, so that this doesn't happen to you.
Finding your lost dog can be pure luck, but here are other methods and suggestions of tracking down your lost pet.

Make sure you have checked everywhere in your house including the garden and the backyard.  Your dog simply may be just curled up somewhere.
Get your neighbors and friends involved and ask them if they have seen your dog or have heard anywhere about a lost dog.  Hand out flyers and leaflets and also post them on walls.  Explain as much information as possible about them and include the most recent picture of your dog.  You can offer a reward, but do not state the amount or the contents of the reward, as some may take advantage of it.
Report your lost dog to the local veterinarians and dog shelters and ask them if they have received a returned or lost dog around the same period of time of your dog being lost.
Finally, ask the local kids to see if they have seen a lost dog and, if they ever do, to report it to you.
The best thing to do is to not to lose them in the first place.  Below are few ways to prevent your dog from being lost.
Make sure your home and around the home secure with dog fences and make sure all the gates and doors are locked.
Never let your pet roam around the neighborhood alone, unsupervised.
Put an ID tag around their collar and include the address, phone number and the contact person but not their call name.  You don’t want the person who stole or found you dog to know their name.  They just may end up keeping the dog instead of doing the right thing.  You can go a step further by implanting a micro-chip which can help only if your pet is found and given to a shelter or veterinarian.
As stated before, it is best to not lose your pet in the first place to avoid any useless heartache.


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