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Want to find the perfect groomer for your dog?
Choosing a right groomer is an important part of caring for your dog. Understand that the groomer will be alone with your pet and they must know how to treat and care for them and to give them the right clip.
One of the best ways to find that perfect groomer is to converse with other dog owners and lovers as they may recommend you to the right person.  Most of them will be happy to share their stories and point you in the right direction.  Also, if you happen to find a dog that you want your dog to look like, ask them for their groomer.
Some groomers specialize in one form or breed, so, be sure to find the right groomer. Many groomers have their own type of style that they are accustomed to, so you would need to find a groomer that fits your style. Most of the groomers are certified and have finished some sort of training classes.  Some will be also linked with a breeder or organization as this can assist you on your decision. There are others though that just have a lot of experience and know how to handle dogs. Simple services include washing, clipping, conditioning of coat, clipping nails and clean the ears and anal glands.  If you do not want a certain service, please let the groomer know in advance.  Also warn your groomer if your dog is timid, nervous or aggressive.  This will allow the groomer to prepare and adjust to your dog.


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