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Pet Insurance for Your Yorkie & Maltese

Pet insurance has become a necessity for owning a dog.  Imagine your family living without life insurance.  Think of all the expenses incase of an emergency.  As you may have already known, veterinarian costs are not cheap and even simple problems can cost near thousands of dollars. You do not want to be in a position to decide paying large amounts of money to heal your dog or to just let your dog die.
Dog healthcare plans are as different as human life insurances and one must look carefully to find the perfect fit for their dog.  Some can just cover regular check-ups and other routine care.  Others may only cover sickness or injury.  If you can cover all the regular expenses and would want something in the case of emergencies, a different coverage is needed, something that caters only for serious conditions.  Just like life insurance, pet insurance starts right away, but might have to wait couple of months for the other benefits to kick in.
The cost and the coverage of insurance will depend on the age and breed of your dog and sometimes take into consideration if they are a watchdog or not.  Pre-existing conditions will also determine the cost and coverage of your dog.
General coverage will include regular check-ups and long term illness and disease preventions.  Of course, there are more advanced coverages, which cost more, that cover poisoning or accidents.  Most pet insurance will start at as early as 6 week old puppies and move up to 8 years of age.  However, you might be able to find places that cover up to, as far as, 17 years of age.  Like any insurance, read all the fine print and know exactly what they are offering and what you are agreeing to.  Find several places, through the internet, and compare, not only prices, but their services.
There are other ways to be cost effective with your pet's health care.  Your veterinarian might offer special discounts, such as cash payment discount, or multiple pet discounts.  Your dog is a part of your family.  Therefore, you must do the best you can to keep them safe and secure, and by obtaining insurance, you are covered for whatever emergency that may come your way.


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