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SimpleTips to Stop Your Yorkie & Maltese from Barking

The best thing to do is to actually stop the barking before it becomes a real problem.  Many different things may cause your puppy to bark, so, you should decide what and how much you want your puppy to bark at.
For example, you want your dog to alert you when a visitor is coming.  You need to create a precise word or phrase that announces your visitors.  Something like, "who is it?" or "come in."  Whatever you choose, always be consistent with your training. When someone approaches your home, your dog will start barking and you yell, "Who is it?" notifying you have a visitor.  At this moment, you need to distract your dog and get his attention, if they keep barking.  As soon as it stops barking, praise them to let them know this is the right time to stop barking.  Maybe use a treat and wave it under their nose and wait until they settle down. After a few seconds of silence, reward them with the treat.  You can use other methods of rewards, such as a chew toy.  You must understand that this process needs time and you must repeat it over and over again.  Repetition is the key.  If a stronger distraction is needed, you can use a set of keys and shake it or some other high pitched device to get their attention.


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