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Teaching Your Yorkie & Maltese to Stop Biting

It is normal behavior for puppies 16 weeks or younger to bite consistently.  Just like new born babies that cry when they need something, puppies will bite in time of need.  They may be hungry or thirsty.  Or maybe they are sleepy or want to exercise and play outside.  If your puppy keeps biting here are some tips below to control it.
*Place them calmly in an isolated area
*Whenever your puppy licks you, praise them
*Do not pay attention to soft nips.  Keep your hand still as pulling it back is a sign of play
*If they start biting hard, pull them to the side and warn them while looking directly into their eyes for a couple of seconds and go back to normal.  If it keeps happening, spray yourself with bitter apple or get a leash to tug it sharply whenever it happens.  If it comes to it, place them in a quiet area to cool off
If you have a puppy 16 weeks or older and still have this problem....
*Stop all challenge games, such as tug-of-war, chasing them, wrestling, ect.  This will only encourage them to do more
*Stop any kind of biting. Biting should not be allowed by any means
*Buy few retaliation devises, like, bitter apple spray and squirt gun.  Never look directly at your puppy while doing this as this may be a form of  confrontation
*Put a leash on your dog to snap their head away whenever they bite.  Never look at them when doing this, as told before
*If all fails, it might be that you are not being as assertive.  Are you pulling or snapping the leash.  You have to be convincing to your puppy     



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