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Train Your Yorkie & Maltese, Not Punish Them.
Many believe that punishing your dog is a form of training.  However, it is known to be that punishment is only marginally effective because of the time gap between their wrong behaviors to the discipline.
How many times have you verbally and even physically abused your dog for their wrong doing?  Example, you step out for a couple of hours and when you get back, your house looks like a giant tornado swept through.  Your first reaction is to take your dog and scold them.  Of course they will be submissive or even aggressive, but they're only reacting to the energy you emit or your actions.  They do not link their mis-behavior to the punishment.
Many owners claim that punishment almost, never works out.  Some even admit that punishment actually drifts their relationship apart.  Whatever you thought, it's completely doing the opposite.
There are many creative ways to train your dog, but the main portion is to understand that your dog is not human.  They do not think like humans, nor do they speak our language.  Dogs are very instinctive animals and you must understand and control their instincts to train them properly.
The best way to communicate is to use what they do understand, the tone of the voice and the energy you emit.  Think, for example, that you're a dog.  Dogs have different tone of growl to express their feelings.  You can tell the difference when you've rubbed the right spot on your puppy or if they want you to stay away from their meal, just by the tone of their growl.  Use this as a form of communication.  Whenever you need to punish them, look them straight in the eye and give them a mean growl.  This will show them who the boss is and that they have done something wrong.
Use this information to train your dogs.  You can reward or punish them just by the tone of your voice.... or should we call it, your growl.  This will maintain a strong bond with your lovely pet.


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